Amazingly Simple Press Release Optimization Advice

Gaining more exposure for your business is very important in today’s world, especially if you want to stay competitive. The use of press releases is becoming more popular for getting search engine exposure. These days an optimized press release enables you to gain exposure in the search engines, but this is only possible if you learn how to do it properly.

The first and most important step in optimizing your press release, is finding keywords that are relevant to your news. These are the keywords that your target audience will be searching for. With the use of Google keyword planner and tools like market samurai, one can find these keywords easily.

When writing your release you should ensure that the keyword you are optimizing for, is included in the title of your press release. Your keyword rich title must also grab the attention of the people who find your press release. Not only must it grab their attention, but it should make them want to read the rest of your release as well.

Next you’ll need to strategically place the keyword in the beginning paragraphs of your press release. Not only should place your keyword in the beginning of the content, but your content should be interesting enough to make the customer read more. Now that the customer is reading your write-up, you should certainly place a link in it, that will direct them back to your site. You need to maximize on every opportunity for them to visit your site in order to get more information on your goods and services that are being featured.

It is however essential for you to avoid keyword stuffing for your press release to be effective. If you keyword stuff your release, this could have negative effects on the visibility and authenticity thereof. Keyword stuffing is when you put the keywords that you are optimizing for, too many times throughout your press release. If you do this to your release it may never get picked up by the search engines, as it might even be construed as being spammy in nature.

You also must ensure that you publish the information from your press release on your own website as well. Once it’s on your website you can then publish it online using distribution services.

Here are five of the most popular distribution services on the web:


You also need to ensure that you try other up and coming yet, trustworthy and cost effective distribution services, and in this respect, you at least need to give consideration to a site like as well.

By submitting your release to the different distribution channels you enable the search engines to pick it up in the search results. This makes finding the content a lot easier for your target audience. A well optimized press release allows you to increase your traffic and improve your overall web presence. Increasing your traffic and your web presence can lead to positive things for your business. If you are able to reach your target market by optimizing your release, you give yourself the power to reach your customers on a larger scale.