Corporate Transportation Services Give a Better Impression

Have you ever sent one of your employees to go pick up a client at the airport and been embarrassed because of the vehicle that is being used? With corporate transportation services available to be scheduled, you can give a better impression each and every time. This can help with client relations and end up saving you a considerable amount of money.

You may not have a fleet of nice vehicles available to you all the time. This doesn’t mean you have to start purchasing company vehicles, especially if you don’t have a purpose for them all the time. If you do have the occasional use for a nice vehicle, however, it can be advantageous to use corporate transportation services because you know you have access to a clean, professional-looking vehicle that is driven by a chauffeur.

It’s possible to use corporate transportation services whenever you need it. You make a single phone call and tell the operator when you want someone picked up, where you want them picked up and how many are being picked up. They will then choose the proper vehicle and take care of everything for you. When a stunning car that is in great condition arrives to pick up your VIP visitor, they are instantly impressed and you get to make a better first impression than if you were to just send one of your employees.

There’s an added benefit to using corporate transportation services. If you were to send one of your employees, you are losing productivity because they are not doing their regular job. Instead, they are playing chauffeur for your company, which means they are going to be behind in their regularly scheduled duties. As a result, you will end up paying them more – and potentially overtime, too. This could have all been avoided by allowing them to keep working their regular job and you making a phone call to have a professional transportation company pick up your VIP visitor.

When you have an employee pick up a VIP visitor, you have to pay for that employee’s time. You also have to pay for that employee’s mileage. That employee may not be properly insured. If there is any kind of accident along the way – either to or from picking up a person, you don’t want to be the one liable. This would be considered an on the job accident, which means you could be looking at spending a considerable amount of money.

The better option is to book corporate transportation services. You will always make a better impression because you are sending a professional driver and you will never have to worry about the condition of your own vehicles. Best of all, your employees and you can continue to work as normal and allow a driver to bring your clients and any of your VIP guests to you, their hotel or anywhere else they need to go. You only get one first impression, so it can be best made with First Class Tours.