Develop Your Marketing Collateral

Developing Your Business Image:

You need the right items to provide information about your company to many different people, including employees, investors, existing and potential clients and the media. Your company┬┤s success will depend upon how well you communicate the information about your business, and that depends on how well you prepare collateral marketing items such as company and product fact sheets, logos, brochures, websites, newsletters, press releases, biographies of key employees and all the other communications that influence your customers’ opinion of your company. If you develop a successful business image, your company will be recognized and considered to be a reliable resource in your field.

The Right Image for Your Business:

Think carefully about what types of names and logos appeal to you. Do some research to determine which logos and brands you like and that you believe will convey the image you want to convey for your company. Stay true to the firm’s creative style. Find a unique or original name. If it better fits your image, choose a name and logo that is more very conservative and traditional. Consider the procedures and the steps you will take to create the branding that best conveys your company’s image so that you will keep your name in front of your customers.

Online branding for your small business:

An online business has a much greater chance for success if its customers recognize and remember its brand. You need to create a recognizable brand that will make your website more attractive and more visually compelling. A company’s brand increases its chance to compete successfully for attention and market share.

Branding can be accomplished through partnerships, direct marketing, a good website, and good public relations. Branding online is very similar to branding offline, because the opportunity to send your company’s message is the same. Your online brand will reinforce or influence what people already think about the company. You can get online and offline brand exposure uding different media through TV, radio, print advertisements, and public relations efforts. Your brand constantly reinforces your business identity.

Promotional Products for Branding:

Merchandise from calendars to coffee mugs can be a great way to spread your company’s name and products. Promotional items

can be used to reward your customers and create loyalty. Build name recognition with promotional products that implant your company’s name in the minds of existing and potential customers.

Supplement your media plan with promotional give-aways that customers will use. The best choices are items that people really use such as these ideas. A give-away that is useful is best–a coffee mug, a calendar, a notepad, and a magnet are items that will end up in your customers’ homes. Customers will remember your company’s name when they see your promotional product in their homes and offices. It is important to choose the right promotional items that are not too expensive, but will have an impact.

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