SEO Strategy: Knowing Where to Start

If you haven’t started the journey of better connecting with your audience and having a stronger web presence through SEO, the present moment is always the best time to start. From the outside, it can be hard to know what the correct steps are and when to implement them.

You might feel like that’s too much for you to take on and if that sounds like you, that’s where SEO agencies                come into play. Before you consider going at it online or calling in the professionals, here’s what the beginning stages ought to look like.

Give Your Website a Close Look

There’s the chance you don’t have one and if that’s the case, making one is your first step. From here out, let’s assume you have one but that maybe it’s a little out of date. It seems this is where most businesses just jumping to the world of SEO stand.

Given this is where you are, take a close look at your website and try to imagine it from an outsider’s perspective. Ask yourself questions like “How well does it load?” and “Is this a brand I’d want to do business with?” See how well it loads on both mobile platforms and a traditional desktop/laptop.

However, it looks now, your end goal is that it becomes a website people want to stay at because of how engaging it is and how easy it is to use.


When was the last time you went to the second page of a Google search result? Be honest, it might have been years since you’ve done that. It might be safe to say that if people don’t see what they are looking for in the first few results, they might just end up rephrasing what they searched in the first place.

Researching the correct keywords to use is going to be crucial in getting your brand in those first couple of results on a relevant Google search. There’s plenty of tools to help you, or the SEO agency you are working with, find out exactly the set of basic keywords that are going to take you to the top.

Content, Content, Content

Quantity is major here but don’t think that means you can skip out on quality when it comes to your content. No matter if it’s a video, blog post, or Facebook status, each post needs to be treated with the most respect and care imaginable.

You need to be at the top of the feeds (search results and social media) but to grow your brand’s authority, what potential customers see needs to be quality content to make them want to keep coming back to experience and interact with your posts.

A solid strategy for this is getting familiar with automation in terms of your posts. You might determine that evening posts seem to do better as a way to interact with your audience, but don’t think that means you need to be right there at 7:00PM every night to post it at that time.

Outside of social media, regular content is a major way to keep that (now) beautiful website active and full of reasons to have customers and other business partners returning time and time again.