Shopping For A Trade Show Booth Rental – Key Factors To Consider

As with any shopping experience, it is important to know what to look for before making a decision. Becoming informed about options, materials, and manufacturers can spell the difference between a powerful, effective purchase and wasting money on low quality products that don’t do what they claim. When marketing products or services at an event, it is crucial to be seen as a successful industry leader who can afford the highest quality display products. One of the biggest advantages to trade show booth rental is that the design and manufacturing costs are borne by the renting company, while you reap the benefits of their investment at an affordable price.

What Goes Into Trade Show Booth Rental Design?

As any business owner knows, powerful appearances and clear messages improve sales and industry standings, creating new opportunities. Prestigious trade show booth rental companies invest heavily in the research and development necessary to create an effective, durable, easy to assemble product. This extensive research includes the psychological aspects of color, font, style and overall impact, which is then applied to products that deliver results. Most firms do not have the budget for a staff of experts in this field, which is what makes renting such a solid business decision. Companies can cash in on the investments already made by innovators in the field.

The Material Difference

Using high quality materials to create island modules, inline exhibits and banner displays makes an exhibit design company stand out. Innovation in design doesn’t convey the proper message if the materials are flimsy, lackluster, or awkward to use. When shopping for a trade show booth rental, be sure to investigate the materials used and customer reviews. Customer reviews can provide a wealth of information regarding product durability, appearance, and effectiveness.

Service Matters

Unless a trade show booth rental arrives on time, in perfect condition, and at the declared price, it isn’t worth paying for. Normally, there isn’t time for replacements, adjustments, or corrections to an improperly delivered order, leaving you without necessary materials and compromising the company’s image to prospective customers, suppliers, and industry peers. The level of service provided by a supplier must be extraordinary to ensure that you get the best marketing investment ROI. Professional suppliers offer far more than product. They help select designs best suited to the brand, message, and product being promoted, provide sharp, colorful graphics, and are there whenever they are needed.

Investing In Innovative Designs

To make the most of your trade show booth rental, look for innovative designs that raise the bar on competitors and convey success, leadership, and a clear message. Investing in innovative designs, whether through multi-level island modules, flexible inline displays, or affordable portable displays, puts your company in a commanding position of greater exposure to qualified prospects, valuable suppliers, and other individuals and firms that may benefit your business.

When searching for your next trade show booth rental, be sure to be selective about materials, level of service, and design experience to ensure an effective display.