Someone Profits in a Recession, Will it Be You?

Did you know that Wellness is one of the most ripe markets for innovation and most likely to keep growing through a recession?

That is… if you are ready for the boom.

Look at these stats: In 2008, medical care spending accounted for a record 20% of disposable personal income. Are people getting sicker? Perhaps…or maybe people are just being more pro-active about their health in the first place.

Either way this is a massive opportunity for anyone in the health and wellness field. (Um, like YOU.) That is, if you have the right kind of value in place to get prospects to notice you.

Making it as a health counselor is not rocket science, it just takes a little creativity. Start by identifying your target market, knowing their pain, and choosing the best distribution channel to help them reach their goals.

In other words, diversify the way you deliver information.

Do you know the best channel to reach your target market?

In my experience one of the easiest, low-cost yet highly profitable ways to skyrocket the value of your services is to create teleclasses.

Benefits To Your Clients:

* Easy to download.

* Listen on an Ipod while taking a walk (rather than a health book gathering dust on the shelf because your client is too busy to read.)

* Get extra coaching between sessions (more support, better results.)

* Most people learn best from listening.

Benefits To YOU:

* Easy to create.

* Cheap to produce.

* Produce it once….sell it forever.

* Deliver to many….never to one.

* Add value to your programs.

* Doesn’t require “memorizing” or standing in front of an audience (you get to do it in the comfort of your home or office!

Think about it… If you have to show up in person every time to make money you are limiting your income and how many people you can help.