Staying Organized At Your Trade Show Exhibits: Simple Tricks That Work

Staying organized when you take your trade show exhibits to an event can be stressful and difficult. Instead of running around unorganized, consider using these tips to help keep everything running smoothly. A little bit of preparation can mean a big difference!

Designate One Person To Be In Charge

One of the easiest things you can do is designate one person to be in charge. Although many companies think it’s best to have the boss or highest ranking person in charge, this may not be the right choice. Instead, choose the person who is the most organized. Let all employees know that when the trade show exhibits and bannerstands are up, this person has authority and should be listened to. This will help stave off any issues that might arise.

Incorporate A Command Center In Your Trade Show Design

Another easy way to stay organized is to implement a command center in your trade show design. If your exhibit backs up to a wall, consider adding some literature racks in an out of the way spot where employees can leave notes for each other or stash extra business cards. This will also help if a customer stops by and wants to talk to a specific employee. Even if that employee isn’t at your trade show exhibits or is taking a break, you’ll be able to get a note to them quickly.

Write A Schedule And Stick To It

It’s important to plan a schedule with breaks and stick to it. It might be tempting to allow employees to go on break whenever they want to. However this can cause chaos if different employees want to take a break at the same time since you don’t want to leave your trade show exhibits or bannerstands unattended. It’s also important to allow employees to walk around the event floor so that they can visit other trade show exhibits. Post this schedule in your command center and ask that all employees do their best to get back to the exhibit when their break time is over so that the schedule runs smoothly throughout the day. If possible, also leave 10-15 minutes between breaks so that employees can take quick restroom breaks or trips to the water fountain.

Meet Every Evening To Compare Notes

If your event spans multiple days, you might be tempted to let everyone go their separate ways when the work day is over. After all, they’ve been working all day and are probably ready to collapse in their hotel rooms and call home. Instead, get everyone together for a quick working dinner and compare notes before retiring for the night. This way, employees will be able to talk about problems or issues that came up throughout the day or talk about how certain situations should be handled. This meeting doesn’t have to be lengthy — 10 or 15 minutes should be enough time.

Staying organized is so important when you’re at a marketing event. Even the most organized businesses can have problems when they get out of the office and take their exhibits to an event. Use these tips to help yourself stay organized and help ensure a successful experience.