Trade Show Exhibit Rental Lets You Test Out Displays Before You Buy

If the thought of purchasing a trade show display has prevented your company from using one in the past, it’s time to think again. Trade show exhibit rental has taken off, making it more affordable than ever for companies of any size, and with any size of budget, to get the professional look an expertly designed display can provide.

Debating Cost Versus Use

It’s easy to make the argument that a trade show booth is not worth the cost if your company only participates in one show a year. This is the perfect situation in which to use a trade show exhibit rental. Just pay for your one-time use of the product and then return it when you’re done. It’s an effective way to gauge how a professionally-designed booth can impact your marketing efforts without a lot of upfront cost. If one design doesn’t work out for you, try a different design next time! It’s a great way to test out multiple products and layouts before making a final decision.

Not Your Boilerplate Design

Don’t be put off from trade show exhibit rental by assuming the booth will be a stock, boilerplate design. Custom designs are a big part of the trade show exhibit rental industry. They are becoming even more common as technology allows designers to repurpose and reuse components over and over again and as exhibits become more modular in nature. The modular designs allow designers to add or remove components based on different clients’ needs.

Rentals are often repurposed from previous owners who upgraded to a new display. But they can also be specifically designed by the exhibit company for rental purposes. No matter which type of product you choose to rent, it can be customized to your specifications. Every rental is inspected, cleaned and repaired before it is available for use again ensuring your rented display looks brand new each and every time.

As they would for any client, the design firm should meet with you to discuss your needs and budget ahead of time and create the design around that. Just because you’re renting a display doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same level of service and attention to detail that buyers receive.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Saves Money Beyond The Cost Of The Display

Aside from the obvious savings of renting over purchasing, organizations can save money on storage and insurance fees, repair and refurbishment and ultimately the disposal fees of getting rid of your display once it’s outlived its usefulness. A rented display will never look worn or dated or require you to invest in its upkeep.

Many design firms even ship the rentals to your event, saving you from the cost and logistics of shipping. After the exhibition is over, you ship the hardware back and keep any custom graphics that were designed for you. This can save you money next time you rent a display if you choose a design that can accommodate the same pieces. Of course, you can always choose to have new graphics created to go along with any new exhibit designs you rent in the future.

Trade show exhibit rental means you can still get a custom, one-of-a-kind design that is uniquely yours without the price tag associated with purchasing an exhibit.