Trade Show Stand Etiquette: How To Set A Great First Impression

Setting up your trade show displays and getting to an event is just the first part of a successful marketing event. Before you meet with customers, take some time to ensure that you’re following these easy tips. These things might seem like insignificant details, but these little details all add up to create a great first impression for your clients.

Tip #1: Leave Gum And Candy At Home

Your employees will be spending the majority of their time talking to customers so it’s important to not have anything in their mouths. Forget about the gum and candy — no one likes to talk to someone who has a mouthful of food or gum. If your mouth is dry after talking to customers all day, keep a bottle of water tucked behind your trade show stand or banner stand and sneak a drink as necessary. If you’re worried about your lunch breath knocking out customers as you talk with them, forget about the garlic and onions or pop a few breath mints into your mouth right after lunch. This can help ensure that your breath is fresh without resorting to gum.

Tip #2: Dress Professionally

Depending on the atmosphere, your industry and the other trade show displays around you, you might not need a full suit and tie. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress professionally. Wear a nice pair of slacks (black, navy or charcoal gray work well if you’re in a traditional industry) or a pair of pressed khakis if your industry is more casual. Pair your slacks with a button down shirt or even a polo style shirt with your company’s logo, but make sure to tuck in your shirt so that you look put together and presentable. Wear comfortable, but smart shoes.

Tip #3: Greet Everyone Who Visits Your Trade Show Stand

The last tip is probably the most important one! Greet everyone who visits your display or glances at each banner stand. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that your trade show displays are fully staffed. If it looks like every one of your employees is actively engaged with other customers, it can still be easy to acknowledge new visitors with just a wave. Letting customers know that you see them and will be able to speak with them in a few minutes is an extremely simple way to make customers feel important. When you do greet someone who’s been waiting a few minutes, thank them for their patience. Oftentimes, any minor annoyance that they felt from having to wait will melt away with a simple acknowledgement.

These are just three tips regarding trade show stand etiquette and how to set a great first impression. Use these three as a starting off point and meet with your employees to think about other ways to make a good impression and to make visitors to your trade show displays feel welcome.