Tune Your Mind for the Hypnotizing Online Business Sales Letter

If you are reading this article I bet you are interested in online business, or more precisely, internet business. Internet is for sure the most content-rich, most convenient tool to get the most updated information about anything. And since people found that placing a banner in a website or sending out thousands of email can generate more income than they can ever imagine, internet becomes the biggest bazaar with lots of business opportunities mankind ever created.

There are millions internet users nowadays, both of us are one of them, you must have experiences that someone send you an email talking about a new online business opportunity that will turn you from broke to a millionaire. Usually this kind of email consists of a sales letter that is short, around 200 words of length, and at the end of the sales letter it shows a hyperlink to a website that the URL is always too long to be remembered. Sounds familiar, right? Since 2002 I saw this kind of emails in my inbox at least 3 times each day before I applied any anti-spam policies. Sometimes they are from different persons, sometimes they are actually the same guy with different sales letter format and disguised websites. If you did read through at least one of them and you really clicked that hyperlink at the end of the sales letter, you will be redirected to a website with a much longer sales letter. I am not going into details about them, but just want to point out that they all have one common structure: Big headline/title telling you that you will become rich sooner or later with several testimonials following. Did I recall your memory of reading them?

The length of the sales letter is usually very long, but they can keep you reading because it always tell you that the good thing is coming, with those very hypnotizing wordings you will simply scroll down, right? What will happen next? When you scroll down you will finally see the “click to buy” link, where is your cursor then? Already moved over that link or over the close button of the browser window? Actually many people will move their cursor to the up and down arrow of the scroll bar and read the whole sales letter once or twice or even triple times, finally around 10% of the visitors will buy. And what is the result of buying that product?

At this point I order you sober because I am not going to sell you anything or criticize any products, I just want to keep you reading through using a hypnotizing style and somehow guiding you to think, and showing you the most common implementation of a sales letter. Sales letters serve one and only one purpose, make you pay for the product they are selling, many business people would not care if you really need it or not, they just keep telling you that you must own it, especially for those internet business/home business related products because they always branded their products as “everyone even your baby need it”. Obviously not all the products are good, some of them just extravagant and some of them really work out, so before you buy or join any of the products or programs, TUNE your mind first by the ways below:

1. The next day you will become rich? Never! – Many programs and products will promise you become rich very fast and very easy, however I can tell you this is false. I admit that some of the systems can work out, but it’s neither fast nor easy, you need to spend time(in terms of months) and dedication(nothing can be 100% automated) to it, the golden rule for any kind of business is: no pain, no gain.

2. Need no experience? Hardly! – Yes, many products claim that newbie can use it without hassle, again this is wrong. You can be rich by any particular system or programs but only after some failures happen to you, some experiments conducted and some months of dedication. When you get through the tough time you will have experiences, then you will know how to get things done correctly, what is real deal what is plain lie, you do not even need any “guru” to guide you if you are smart.

3. Never-ending income stream? No way! – Internet is changing in every seconds, no one can 100% sure any particular income stream that based on internet can last forever, maybe it can last for 2 to 3 years but just won’t last forever. So you think you can just sit back, do nothing after the initial works and your bank account keeps inflating? Sorry, impossible! If you encounter any sales letter that tell you once you buy their product then you can sit back and retire, dump it at once.

If you can bear in your mind the above three “Never”, “Hardly” and “No way” and you think thoroughly before you adopt any plans of internet business you are half way to success, because you won’t be fool by people of any myths of internet business, you will be able to determine which going to work and which won’t. Finally, I hope this article can help those who want to start their internet business but always frustrated by various sales letter you see in your inbox get out of the labyrinth and get back to right path.