Plastic Products Shape the Packaging Style

Plastic products are the best choice for storing, packaging and marketing medicines. These products can get rid of damage and harmful reactions and can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes according to the requirement. Some of the common types of plastic products used for medicinal packaging include HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pill bottles, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, plastic dropper bottles, plastic jars, white plastic HDPE bottles, and so on.

Ideally chosen for packaging Ayurveda products, vitamins and nutraceutical products, high-density polyethylene pill bottles are available in a variety of stock sizes, usually ranging from 50cc to 300cc. Molded from HDPE plastic, these bottles maintain the freshness of the medicines by forming a good seal against the container. Safety need not be a concern because tamper-proof covers, like the pressure sensitive caps, are readily offered by the manufacturers.

A polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottle has an edge over other plastic products because of its strength, thermos-stability and transparency. It is a plastic of choice for packaging food and non-food products. A PET plastic bottle is mostly used for packaging medicines because it is inexpensive, lightweight, re-salable, shatter-resistant and recyclable. It is available in different custom colors like amber, blue and clear. These plastic bottles might also have a screw cap, mist sprayer, lotion pump, flip top, push-up cap and a flip-top cap, and the like.

There are also plastic dropper bottles used for pharmaceutical and Ayurveda products. These bottles are mostly made from translucent, light resistant amber plastic. As a result, they are ideal for storing and packaging light sensitive liquid medications. Some of the models come with removable dropper tips that allow refilling.

PET jars and white ointment jars are some of the common cylindrical plastic jars, which are highly resistant to pressure and impact. These jars are ideally used for creams, gels and ointments; though their flexibility allows them to be used for vitamins, nutritional supplements and other pharmaceuticals, which are available in the form of pills, tablets and capsules as well.

Finally the white plastic HDPE bottles are commonly available in several shapes and sizes. These bottles comes in different styles as well-with white caps, lotion pumps, push and pull caps, disc top caps, mist sprayers, screw caps, sprout caps etc.

The varied shape, size and style of these plastic products make storing and marketing of pharmaceutical products quite easier. Besides, most of them are available with fool-proof mechanism that assures safety and protection.